We’ve all been there! You have a new home and have no furniture to fill it! How do you stomach purchasing a new home AND new furniture? Don’t worry, we are here to help! There are ways to shop without feeling overwhelmed and to leave with your wallet still in tact. Here are a few tips we have come up with:

  1. Choose quality over quantity. You may be tempted to buy cheap so you can furnish all at once, but you must think about the future. Cheap furniture is a short term solution and will only last a few years before you purchase again. It is more economical to save and buy one thing at a time and invest in quality, so you won’t have to purchase again. Don’t worry about furnishing your whole space at once! Be patient. Don’t rush. You will thank yourself later!
  2. Take advantage of special financing with approved credit, but don’t skimp on the down payment! Putting more than the minimum amount required will minimize your monthly payment and increase your chances of paying off early. Save and pay in full if you can! Remember, don’t rush!
  3. Hunt your space. Using pieces you already have and mixing in a few new items will result in a space that has more personality. You may hate that table in your foyer now, but with a new coat of paint, lamps, and a few accessories, it could take on a new life! We have found that mixing in pieces you already own prevents your space from becoming overly “matchy” and also saves money!
  4. Buy timeless, not trendy. When you are deciding on a piece of furniture, think about whether or not it will be “in style” a year from now. Choosing items that are too trendy will prompt new purchases when they are no longer current. It is also a good idea to purchase multifunctional items that can move from space to space and serve different purposes.

We hope these tips help you on your furniture buying journey! Have any other ideas?