“Our company's success is its people."

That's as true today as it was when owners Austin and Forstson’s great grandfather opened Turner’s as a little hardware store in Pelham in 1915. Now into the fourth generation of business, it is more important than ever that we seek, find and keep the right people in our organization.

Come join us today; a great career with great people is just a click away.

Employee Objectives

Every employee hired by Turner’s Furniture is hired with the hopes that their employment will be productive and beneficial for them and the company. We find the best way to keep our customers happy is to keep our employees feeling energized and excited about their jobs. We make every effort to be sure all of our employees know that EVERYBODY has a role in the success of this company.

We have an open door policy and any employee is welcome to speak with any member of management to make suggestions or to discuss how they feel things are going in the company. We also have weekly meetings in the stores and the warehouse allowing everyone to voice their ideas and make sure that they have the chance to be heard.

Success means growth, but as we grow we still want all of our employees to feel like they are part of the Turner family. We also believe that in order to grow it is important to have a safe and productive work environment for everyone. That is why Turner's provides safety training and equipment for all of our employees, is a state certified drug free workplace, AND complies with all existing safety laws and regulations.

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Perks of Working at Turner’s